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I turned forty last year, and have enjoyed playing softball since I was a kid. One drawback to the sport is the occasional hit from a ball. Several years ago I lost two teeth from such a mishap, and had worn a partial. I found the partial to be a bit embarrassing at my age, but my old dentist had discussed no other option with me.Here is my story...
Dental Bridge Sterling Heights MI - Bridge Treatment By definition, a bridge is a structure that connects to separate sides. There are several uses for such structures. In dentistry, a bridge is a custom-designed appliance that spans the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth.

For decades, dental bridges have been a mainstay within dentistry, used when a tooth has been lost or needs to be removed. In such instances, neglecting to find a suitable replacement could lead to dental problems such as gum disease, cavities, and even misalignment in remaining teeth, which shift when there is a gap. With a bridge, the section of missing teeth is replaced in a way that looks and functions like natural teeth.

Bridges are customized appliances that are designed based on a model of the patient's teeth. There are various types of bridges that may be created, including types that are fixed and types that are removable. A fixed bridge is common, made to replicate the natural contours of teeth for a precise bite. This model is made after the two teeth adjacent to the empty space have been altered to accommodate dental crowns. In a dental laboratory, two crowns are made, and fused to a pontic or pontics, artificial teeth, which lie in the gap, anchored by the teeth on each side.

Although a dental bridge is intended as a restoration, mimicking the natural structure of the jaw, we also believe in recreating beauty as well. A bridge may be made from various materials, all of which are strong and durable. In the end, however, we want to add natural beauty to this strength so that you feel confident when you speak, laugh, and smile. Whether full ceramic or porcelain over a metal base, your bridge is designed with aesthetics in mind, because you deserve to feel good about your smile.

Our award-winning team of dental professionals is here to serve your dental needs. We understand the consequences of tooth loss, and work with you to find your most suitable restoration. In addition to dental bridges for tooth replacement, our doctors are also trained in dental implant treatment, which may be combined with a dental bridge if necessary for full stability.

Your smile is in good hands at Laser Dental Associates, which serves the areas of Sterling Heights, Troy, and beyond. Contact us at 586-838-2017 for your visit today.
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