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Why choose dental implants in Sterling Heights, MI to restore your smile?

Dental Implants in Sterling Heights MI

Dental implants are an effective and dependable option for tooth replacement in adults. Dental implants in Sterling Heights, MI provide numerous benefits to the patients when done properly by an experienced dentist.

If you are seeking replacement for one or more teeth, discuss with your dentist the possibility of receiving dental implant treatment to restore your smile. You should evaluate the pros and cons of implants in comparison to other teeth replacement options, and then make a well-considered decision.

Dental implants provide the following key benefits:

An ideal solution for restoring a natural smile

Dental implants imitate the appearance and feeling of natural teeth. They are often used for restoring lost or damaged teeth. Some other alternatives used for fixing damaged teeth include dentures, crowns, and bridges but they do not integrate naturally with the jawbone. In some cases, particularly dentures used in the absence of implants may hinder day-to-day activities like eating, speaking and smiling.

Long-term cost-effective solution

The normal lifespan for dental bridges is about seven years. With proper care, dental bridges can last for as long as 10 years. After this period, dental bridges may require replacement, thereby increasing the overall expenses over time. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper placement and good oral hygiene.

Convenience and comfort

With dental implants, you do not need to worry about your smile, being awkward. You do not need to miss all the fun staying home because of feeling embarrassed in public places about your teeth. In turn, dental implants serve as a stable and safe solution for tooth replacement. They neither cause any discomfort nor require any special maintenance. Soon, the patient forgets about having the implant.

Effectively restore a healthy facial appearance

When you lose some teeth, your face appears old and sunken. Dental implants help in maintaining your natural healthy facial appearance. An experienced and reputable dentist can help you achieve desirable outcomes with an effective dental implant treatment.

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Safeguards bone health

Some gaps appear in your mouth when you lose your teeth. The gap may cause bone recession. As a result, the jawbone weakens over time, thereby losing its firmness and strength. Dental implants help in effectively restoring the lost tooth and protecting the jawbone from deteriorating. In this manner, dental implants help in avoiding bone loss and inducing bone growth.

Helps in maintaining a natural way of speaking

With removable dentures fitted inside your month, you may struggle in pronouncing some words correctly. Dental implants help you in speaking easily and naturally without making you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Lets you eat favorite food items

You can eat any food without any reluctance with proper dental implants. Your implants stay strong like your natural teeth. Therefore, you can easily bite and chew all your favorite healthy food items. Dental implants provide more resilience and strength in comparison to any other treatment options. This gives you better flexibility with more food choices.
Benefits of dental implants in Sterling Heights MI

Avoids cavities

With dental implants, you have no chance of having a cavity in the restored tooth. However, you must have regular check-ups with your dentist to take proper care of your dental implants. You should practice healthy oral hygiene and clean your gums and teeth every day to avoid cavity formation in the surrounding natural teeth.

Helps in effective teeth restoration

Removable dentures can sometimes fall out or slip while eating, laughing or coughing. You may need to put them back every time into the correct place. Dental implants are permanently fixed. They naturally fuse with the jaw bone. Therefore, they neither move nor click while eating or talking.

Does not compromise the health of surrounding natural teeth

Dental implants do not need the support of surrounding healthy teeth for placement. The adjacent teeth do not require any preparation. Also, the implant does not damage the natural teeth and helps in protecting the healthy adjacent teeth from leaning into the empty space.

Dental implants in Sterling Heights MI are long lasting and predictable with a high success rate. Choose an experienced implant dentist such as Dr. Frank Rosner or Dr. Laura Pepa. Call 586-838-2017 for an appointment to determine your candidacy for this tooth replacement solution.

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