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The importance of regular dental visits for patients in the Sterling Heights area

Dentist in Sterling Heights area Explains the Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why do I have to keep seeing the dentist every six months?” You aren’t alone. Many individuals wonder why it’s so important to keep coming back to the dentist so frequently. The answer is because regular dental visits are vital to your oral health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 64% of adults between the ages of 18 and 64 had a dental visit in the last year. That means that many adults are putting their health at risk. At Laser Dental Associates in Sterling Heights, MI, we want all … Continue reading

Dentists near Clinton Township provide a wide selection of dental care services for new and existing patients

Dental Care Services Near Clinton Township area

At the practice of, Drs. Rosner and Pepa are available to assist patients with a variety of dental concerns, including overall oral health and wellness. Services are provided to patients near the area of Clinton Township in the community of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Our dentists are members of the Michigan Dental Association and the American Dental Association and offer a selection of dental care services for patients to choose from to achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life! What services are available for overall care? At the foundation of a beautiful smile is overall oral health and wellness. … Continue reading

Dentist near Macomb County, Michigan describes the services offered at Laser Dental Associates

Dentist Near in Macomb County area

Patients who are in search of dental care near Macomb County, Michigan will find the high-quality, compassionate care they seek with the dentists at Laser Dental Associates. With a wide range of services available, patients are able to receive comprehensive care with all of their dental work completed under one roof. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa are available to assist patients in achieving the healthy, beautiful smile of their dreams! What services are offered at Laser Dental Associates? Our dentists, Dr. Frank Rosner and Dr. Laura Pepa, are pleased to provide a wide selection of services in our practice, … Continue reading

Warren, MI area dentist encourages you to save your smile with full cosmetic dentures

Save Your Smile With Dentures in Warren MI area

Patients in the area of Warren, MI who are interested in working with a dentist who offers tooth replacement solutions are encouraged to take the time to educate themselves on the restorative options available with Dr. Frank Rosner and Dr. Laura Pepa of Laser Dental Associates. If you are interested in finding a way to save your smile when tooth loss occurs, we can help with a wide variety of tooth replacement methods, including replacement of the entire dental arch with full cosmetic dentures. What are full cosmetic dentures? Full cosmetic dentures are a special type of dental restoration. They … Continue reading

Enjoy professional dental care and oral health solutions near Troy, MI

White healthy tooth, different tools for dental care.

Taking care of the smile is the best way to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of are here to provide patients with the solutions they need to maintain their oral health and wellness. Professional dental care will ensure that patients avoid problematic conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you live near the Troy, MI area, we welcome you to connect with our team in Sterling Heights, MI to start your journey towards a healthier smile! Why dental care is important Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa work closely with … Continue reading

Dentist near Macomb County, MI explains the benefits of same day CEREC dental crowns

CEREC machine

At, our professionals near Macomb County, MI are ready to provide patients with ways to achieve the smile of their dreams. In a more traditional dental setting, patients who need restorations such as dental crowns may be faced with a waiting period while they wait for their restorations to come in from a ceramist who may be located states away. This is why Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa offer the benefits of same day dental restorations using their state-of-the-art CEREC technology. What are dental crowns? There are many situations in which a patient may require a dental crown. … Continue reading

Warren, MI area dentist describes the advantages of treatment with dental implants

woman take tooth implant false tooth on green background

Warren, MI area patients who have experienced the loss or extraction of teeth are often overwhelmed at the many options available for treatment. They may feel unsure as to whether they want a permanent or short-term solution, and they may be seeking a restoration that provides the best value. When appropriate, Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of may suggest the advantages of having dental implants placed and restored when tooth loss occurs. The idea behind dental implants Dental implants are titanium restorations. They look just like small screws but are placed by a dentist during oral surgery into … Continue reading

Learn about available dental services for patients near Clinton Township

Dental instruments for dental treatment

Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of are dedicated professionals who are near Clinton Township to discuss with patients the various treatment options available for them when searching for dental services. Our team helps individuals in the community with a wide selection of dental offerings to consider when enhancing the smile or improving oral health. What dental services are available? At, patients in and around the area of Clinton Township have access to general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions. General dentistry – when it comes to general dentistry, patients have access to many preventative procedures that can be … Continue reading

Misaligned teeth can be improved with Invisalign clear braces in Sterling Heights, MI practice

Dr. Rosner of Sterling Heights, MI can help with misaligned teeth using Invisalign.

Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of Sterling Heights, MI available to provide patients with treatments that can change the appearance and health of their smiles. Patients with misaligned teeth may be uneasy about the idea of having traditional braces placed on their teeth for months or years. Instead, they are excited to find that the team of offers alternatives such as Invisalign clear braces. Understanding Invisalign Our team describes Invisalign as “clear braces.” Unlike traditional orthodontia that uses metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses aligner trays to slowly reposition the teeth into better alignment. This can improve not … Continue reading

Sterling Heights, MI dentist explains the benefits of root canal therapy to save teeth from extraction

Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa in Sterling Heights, MI are proud to provide patients with the solutions they need to look and feel their best.

At, Sterling Heights, MI area patients can enjoy treatment of all types with our dedicated team of professionals. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa are here to assist with general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. They understand the importance of providing conservative treatments such as root canal therapy. Sterling Heights, MI area dentists explain the benefits of root canal therapy. Benefits of root canal therapy The primary benefit of root canal therapy is that the procedure is performed to save a natural tooth from requiring extraction. Root canal therapy is performed when a tooth is experiencing a problem such … Continue reading