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Single Visit CEREC Dental Crowns at Laser Dental Associates in Sterling Heights, MI

CEREC Treatment In Laser Dental Associates
Do you like quality, convenience, and dazzling smiles? If so, then CEREC restorations from in Sterling Heights MI may be the dental solution you’ve been seeking.

What is CEREC?

The name “CEREC” is sometimes said to be a combination of the words CEramic and REconstruction. Other sources describe it as an acronym, meaning Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Both explanations are very applicable for this advanced technology.

CREREC is an in-office milling system, which uses CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) technology to produce dental restorations on site. It was developed by Sirona, a leader in dental technology. The first version of CEREC was introduced in 1987, and it has continued to evolve and improve in decades since.

The system allows dentists to create crows, bridges, inlays, onlays, and other porcelain restorations without an offsite laboratory. Most importantly, the process is so fast and convenient that it can be done chairside. On average, a CEREC crown appointment only takes a couple of hours, and the patient leaves our office with his or her final restoration in place.

The benefits of CEREC include:

Save time

Crowns and other restorations can be placed in a single visit.

Esthetic and biocompatible

CEREC restorations are metal free, and they are beautiful.

No messy impressions

If you don’t like messy, uncomfortable impression trays, then you are going to love CEREC’s digital system.

About the CEREC procedure

CEREC certainly sounds wonderful, but you might be wondering just how this system works. There are three essential components:

Digital ImagingDigital imaging: If you’ve ever had a dental crown or similar restoration, you probably remember the dentist taking impressions. The processes involved a a tray filled with goop, which you had to bite down on for a given length of time. To say the least, this aspect of treatment was unpleasant for all patients, and could be quite painful for those with jaw disorders. Digital imaging is the high-tech, high-convenience equivalent to impressions. No goop, no trays, and ho hassle – the experience is more like having photographs taken.
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CEREC Milling MachineCEREC dental milling machine: This allows us to bring the laboratory to our office. Traditionally crowns were a rather lengthy process. After the tooth was prepared, dental impressions, other relevant records were sent to a laboratory. The crown was created off-site and sent to the dentist. If there was a problem, it would need to be sent back to the lab. CEREC eliminates the tedium and delays by carving quality restorations from solid blocks of ceramic, during your appointment. It’s like a dental lab in a compact little machine.
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2 Persons In front of PCSpecialized software: This is the very important link that makes the entire process work. The software generates three-dimensional images of your digital impressions and allows your dentist to design restorations with exacting accuracy. The design is created, refined, and then transferred to the milling machine for completion.
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Like any dental procedure, the process begins with examination and consultation. We will determine if you need a restoration, and what type would be best for your situation. If a CEREC restoration is selected, the procedure is completed in one appointment. The steps of CEREC treatment include:

  • Tooth preparation: First the area will be numbed, and then your dentist will begin by removing damaged portions of the tooth. Some additional tooth material will be removed, in order to create the ideal shape for an abutment tooth.
  • Impressions: The tooth is coated with an ultra-fine tasteless powder, and then it is scanned with a three-dimensional imaging device. The optical impression is ready in just a couple of minutes with no discomfort.
  • Design: The impression is displayed on our computer screen as a three-dimensional virtual model of your tooth. Your dentist works with this model to design your new dental restoration. Both Dr. Rosner and Dr. Pepa have extensive experience working with CEREV and create consistently beautiful results.
  • Milling: CEREC is equipped with precision diamond burs, which carve your restoration. The milling process is computer controlled for ultimate accuracy and consistency. Your restoration is created from a solid block of high-strength, esthetic, color-matched ceramic.
  • Finishing: Your dentist will polish the restoration, check the fit and appearance, then apply any necessary finishing touches.
  • Bonding: The final step is putting your new restoration in place. A non-toxic permanent bonding agent is used to secure the restoration. When complete, your restored tooth is fully functional and looks natural – in just a couple hours time.

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Why you might need a CEREC dental restoration

CEREC technology is best known for creating fast and convenient dental crowns, though it can also be used to fabricate any type of porcelain dental restoration. It is used when one or more teeth are damaged or decayed too extensively for a cosmetic filling.

  • Severe decay – Generally, cavities are repaired with composite resin tooth fillings. However, a dental filling is supported and held in place by the surrounding tooth structure. If a large portion of the tooth is decayed, it may not be able to support a filling. In this case, a porcelain restoration, which can help protect the tooth, is a better choice. Similarly, a broken or fractured tooth is rarely able to support a filling.
  • Replacing a large filling – Old dental work may be replaced for esthetic or health reasons. In either case, the new filling is usually a bit bigger then the old one, due to the process of removing dental material and preparing the tooth. In situations where the tooth has fractured or decayed around a filling, there may be a considerable amount of damaged tooth material that needs to be removed. Sometimes, the remaining portion of the tooth is not sufficient to support a filing, and a porcelain restoration is recommended instead.
  • Root canal therapy – If the nerve or other soft tissue inside of a tooth becomes injured or infected, you will need root canal therapy. The gentle and effective treatment removes damaged dental pulp from within the tooth, which allows it to heal. However, that pulp is essential for keeping the tooth hydrated and healthy. After root canal therapy, the tooth structure is more fragile and susceptible to breakage. Therefore, the final step of root canal therapy is capping the treated tooth with a strong porcelain crown for protection as well as esthetic and functional restoration.

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About our doctors

Today’s dental patients are health-aware and image conscious, so they fully understand the importance of good dental care. Ironically, they are also busier than ever, meaning they have less time for dental appointments. Not surprisingly, a growing number of people are seeking out high-tech dental practices that offer convenient services such as same-day dental crowns. However, the beautiful result and excellent patient experience that most people are looking for requires more than just technology. In fact, the quality of CEREC restorations are highly dependent on the skill of the dentist.

We are proud to say that our team of skilled professionals is what truly sets apart from the rest. Our office is not only equipped with the latest dental technology, but it is also staffed with people who are experienced, skilled, and trained in using that technology. Your restoration will be designed and created by either Dr. Rosner or Dr. Pepa, both of whom have considerable training in esthetic dentistry as well as CEREC technology.

Dr. Rosner, founder of, is a graduate of University of Detroit School of Dentistry and a native of Detroit. He has dedicated his career to helping patients enjoy optimal oral health and dazzling smiles. In keeping with this dedication to excellence, he and his team have always embraced the latest breakthrough innovations and proven technologies. Dr. Pepa is a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy, and a dedicated patient advocate. She shares Dr. Rosner’s philosophies of excellence in patient care, and commitment to staying at the forefront of advancing technology. Together, they have earned a reputation for reliable quality, customer service, and flawless esthetics.

If you are looking for a beautiful, convenient, healthy way to restore your smile – look no further! Give us a call at 586-838-2017 and schedule an appointment to get started.

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