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Patients experience painless care in Sterling Heights with computerized anesthesia delivery

Computerized Anesthesia Delivery Sterling Heights

Many patients associate the idea of a trip to the dentist with pain and discomfort, but it doesn’t need to be that way. With the latest advances in technology, the team at Laser Dental Associates in Sterling Heights, MI uses computerized anesthesia delivery to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout your treatment.

How does computerized anesthetic delivery work?

Computerized anesthesia delivery, also called single tooth anesthesia (STA), is a new method of delivering numbing agents that eliminates the need for a traditional syringe full of anesthetic. In this painless dental anesthesia procedure, the volume and flow of the anesthetic are carefully delivered at a constant rate for a more comfortable numbing experience.

With this precise method of delivering the anesthetic, your dentist can also prevent too much of your mouth tissue from being numb during and after your treatment. This means you don’t need to leave the office drooling because you can’t feel a large part of your mouth and you can return to your normal activities more quickly.

Why is computerized anesthesia delivery less painful?

One of the things that patients fear most about the dentist is the anesthesia shot. The “painful” part of the shot is not the actual prick of the needle, though. What is perceived as pain is actually the pressure caused by a large amount of the numbing agent being dispensed into your mouth at one time.

  • With the STA anesthesia system, the dentist first puts a topical numbing agent on your gums, so you don’t feel the injection, and then uses the computerized system to deliver the numbing drug in precise, small doses so that your discomfort and sensation of pain is almost entirely eliminated.
  • Even better, the computerized anesthesia system doesn’t look like a traditional needle and syringe.
  • Its harmless appearance reduces the fear that you may have about shots and is particularly helpful for reducing anxiety in children or teenagers who need dental anesthesia.

Dr. Frank Rosner and Dr. Laura Pepa at Laser Dental Associates in Sterling Heights, MI believe in providing comfortable, high-quality dental care. Don’t fear the dentist! Call 586-838-2017 to learn about treating your dental needs with pain-free anesthesia today.

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