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Literally the best dental experience you can have. I am not a fan of the dentist but Laser Dental makes it easy and comfortable for me every time. Rather it is a simple cleaning or a root canal(I have had both in the last month) I have walked out each time with a smile. Dr. Papsin did an outstanding job on my crown, you can't even tell which tooth it is! And to be honest, I looked forward to coming in each time throughout the root canal process. Maybe this is because Dr. Papsin is so awesome, or maybe it's because of the delicious cookie I get every time on the way out...
~ Tyler
Dental Crowns Sterling Heights MI - Crown Treatments When one thinks of crowns, one might think of royals, kings, queens, princes, and princesses, who wear crowns on their heads. However, there is another form of crown that can be worn – a dental crown.

What are dental crowns? They are devices made to replace parts of a tooth. It can be a full crown that replaces the entire biting surface, or it can be a partial crown that replaces a portion of the tooth that is missing.

When does a dental crown become necessary? Well, a dental crown becomes necessary when an adequate amount of the structure is missing to the point where the tooth is weakened. The crown will help strengthen the part of the tooth that is missing.

While royal crowns are made of precious and semi-precious metals, dental crowns are first made by taking an impression in a soft material that records the finished shape of the tooth. This is similar to a negative of a photograph. After the tooth is prepared for the crown, the impression is subsequently sent to a dental lab, where the lab fabricates the crown and then it is cemented or bonded in place.

Once a patient has had a dental crown put in place, it will typically last anywhere from five to ten years, or more. However, this depends on a variety of variables: the location of the crown; of what materials the crown was constructed; what the tooth structure underneath consisted of; and the patient’s home care. The lack of home care is the number one reason for the failure of a crown. This may cause the crown to fail because of decay. Another reason a crown could potentially fail is because the material fractures. Also, a crown could undergo severe forces such as trauma such as when you are hit and one jaw bangs against the other, so it is necessary to take good care of the crown.
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