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High Quality & Durable Dental Crowns at Dental Associates in Sterling Heights, MI

Crowns In Laser Dental AssociatesYou don’t have to sacrifice quality, convenience, or appearance – when you choose, you can have it all. We offer a broad array of restorative solutions including dental crowns at our Sterling Heights MI practice.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges are tried-and-true restorations, which have been used to repair or replace teeth since the early days of dentistry. However, don’t assume that advancing dental technology has bypassed these traditional restorations. Today’s crowns and bridges are strong, durable, and designed to look just like natural teeth. With our CEREC technology, they are also more convenient than ever.

A dental crown is used to protect and restore a compromised tooth. It is made of high-strength porcelain and looks just like a natural tooth. However, it is hollow in the center, similar to a cap or a thimble. It fits over the tooth, effectively covering all exposed surfaces with a protective layer of porcelain. Crowns serve several purposes, protecting the tooth from further damage, restoring its functionality, and correcting cosmetic concerns.

A dental bridge is composed of one or more (usually two) dental crowns, along with one or more false teeth. These restorations are used to and restore a smile after tooth loss, usually when there are strong and healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. The crowns are affixed to teeth, as described above, and they hold the false tooth or teeth in place. The appliance literally bridges the gap in a person’s smile.

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Answering common questions about dental crowns

Today’s dental patients are savvy and well-informed, they want to understand what is being done to their teeth and why. We encourage this, which is why we make patient education a priority in all treatments that we provide. Some of the most common questions that we receive about crowns include:


Are dental crowns painful?

If you’ve been worrying about pain, you can relax. The tooth is numbed before treatment begins, so the procedure is comfortable. There may be a bit of lingering soreness once the anesthetic wears off, but this should fade quickly. The traditional process of creating a dental crown involves wearing a temporary restoration for a couple of weeks, and many patients experience tooth sensitivity during that time. This is one of many reasons we utilize CEREC technology for single-visit crowns. You will leave our office with your permanent porcelain crown, and no need for temporaries.

Are dental crowns safe?

Older styles of crowns were sometimes made entirely of metal, or layered with porcelain over a metal base. Those designs are durable, and they are still used in some dental offices, but many people don’t want metal in their mouths. Whether your concern is potential allergies, corrosion, or simple esthetics, there is good news. Modern ceramic materials are strong, wear-resistant, and impact resistant, making metal unnecessary. We use premium quality, metal-free, biocompatible tooth crowns.

How long will dental crowns last?

With good oral hygiene and dental care, your restored smile should remain healthy for many years to come. The average lifespan of a dental crown is approximately five to ten years, but the actual time varies from one patient to the next. Factors that affect the durability of a dental crown include home care, overall oral health, location of the crown, and materials. The most common reason for failure of a crown is poor home hygiene habits, which can allow decay to set in around the margin. If you have any questions about cleaning and care of your restoration, please ask your dentist or hygienist – we are here to help!

Can I afford a dental crown?

Everyone has a budget to work within, and the cost of a dental crown is one of the most commonly asked questions. There are several factors affecting the total price of treatment, including the number of teeth to be treated, type and severity of damage, and any adjunct treatments such as root canal therapy. We cannot provide a quote until Dr. Rosner or Dr. Pepa has performed an examination. However, you will be happy to learn that dental crowns are generally quite economical restorations. Additionally, a dental crown is usually medically necessary, so insurance is likely to cover a portion of the cost.

Do dental crowns look natural?

The answer to that question depends largely on the skill of your dentist. Functional repair of a tooth requires clinical expertise. Cosmetic dentistry requires clinical expertise along with an artistic eye and knowledge of facial esthetics. When you choose, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Drs. Rosner and Pepa have a special interest in helping patients feel confident about the appearance of their smiles. They have studied advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques, and spent years refining their skills. Even a front tooth crown will look like a beautiful, real tooth.

How long does it take to get a dental crown?

If you’ve ever had a traditional crown placed, you probably expect the answer to be a couple of weeks. Thankfully, today’s CAD/CAM technology allows us to bypass the external laboratory, eliminating the delay. We use CEREC, the industry leading system for on-site dental crown fabrication. In most cases, it takes just one appointment lasting a couple of hours to complete dental crown treatment.

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Why a dental crown is needed

Crowns are quite common restorations, and very versatile in their use. They are commonly used to repair broken, fractured, misshapen, or badly decayed teeth, in situations where the damage is too extensive for a filling. Additionally, teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy are nearly always topped with crowns for protection and restoration.

When you visit our office for a consultation, your dentist will tell you if a crown is necessary, and if there are any viable alternatives. A dental crown serves three important functions.

Structural and functional restorationStructural and functional restoration
A broken, or badly decayed tooth might have some healthy structure, but part of it is missing. This can expose the nerve, resulting is pain or tooth sensitive. It also makes chewing and speaking difficult, as well as leaving the tooth susceptible to further damage. The crown will shroud the damaged tooth in a thick layer of porcelain, replacing the missing portion and restoring the tooth’s natural shape.
Protection of the underlying toothProtection of the underlying tooth
In some instances, the tooth may be mostly or entirely intact, yet structurally compromised. A weak or fragile tooth is vulnerable to excess wear and tear, or it may break easily. A dental crown will cover it with a layer of ultra-hard porcelain, protecting the tooth in much the same way that a helmet protects one’s head. A crown can also hold together a fractured tooth and shield it from infection or further damage.
Cosmetic correctionCosmetic correction
Because a dental crown covers the visible part of a tooth, it can change the size, shape, or color as well as covering cosmetic flaws. Although rare, a crown may be used for purely cosmetic purposes, if a veneer is not viable for the tooth in question. Most commonly, crowns are used when necessary to restore oral health – and they also improve smile esthetics as an added benefit.

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Why choose for your dental crown

Laser Dental Associates, Image Of Patient with 2 dosctorsQuality conscious residents of Sterling Heights MI and surrounding communities trust their oral health to the team at, and for very good reasons. We are committed to excellence, and it shows. Our practice has earned a five-star rating on both Yelp and Facebook, with more than 95 percent of patients saying they would refer us.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to provide you with a better dental experience. In office milling (CEREC) means that we can fabricate beautiful crowns and other porcelain restorations in a matter of minutes, for a one-day procedure. In addition to the obvious benefit of convenience, CEREC technology allows us to design your crown with digital precision, and make any needed alterations right here in our office. It eliminates the “middleman” putting your dentist in full control of the design and manufacturing process, for greater efficiency and optimal quality.

Of course, even the best technology is only as good as the person using it. That is why Dr. Rosner and Dr. Pepa invest a considerable amount of time in advanced training and continuing education, staying at the forefront of emerging dental technology. We have worked with CEREC for years, with consistently beautiful and high-quality results.

Our process is fast and efficient, but we will not compromise quality or patient satisfaction. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics, as well as an in-depth patient consultation. Once we have a full understanding of your concerns, goals, preferences, and clinical needs we will work with you to devise a customized treatment plan. If a single crown or filling will solve your problem, treatment can be completed in just one visit. If you have more extensive dental concerns, your treatment plan may include additional procedures or restorations.

In our office, it’s all about you and we are committed to meeting your unique needs. Give us a call at 586-838-2017 to find out more about how we can help you love your smile.

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