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Dr. Frank Rosner and associates restore beautiful, functional smiles with dental implants

Dr. Frank Rosner and associates restore beautiful, functional smiles

A smile that is missing teeth is more than aesthetically compromised; it is also at risk for dental problems caused by bacteria. When the loss of a permanent tooth or teeth occurs, dental implants provide the ultimate solution, restoring near-natural structure. These prosthetics may be used in several scenarios.

Tooth Replacement

Typically, when a single tooth has been lost, or a few teeth, the standard replacement treatment is with a dental bridge. There are significant differences between this option and dental implants. Where a bridge relies on the two teeth outside of a gap for stability, dental implants are situated in healthy bone tissue, just like a natural tooth root. Where the artificial tooth in a dental bridge sits on top of the gums, an implant becomes fused to bone tissue in the jaw. This design leads to ultimate stability, and recreates the natural structure lost, which means that the stimulation needed by the jawbone remains constant.

Denture stabilization

For those who have lost all of the teeth in one or both arches, total tooth replacement paves the way to restored comfort, function, and confidence – at least that is the goal. Where conventional dentures are concerned, however, these goals often seem to go unmet. The problem lies in the design.

Although dentures are crafted to form to the gums and the overall structure of the jaw, the fact that they lie on top of gum tissue means that true stability is just not possible. Many people who wear conventional dentures find that this form of tooth replacement is uncomfortable, creating friction against delicate gum tissue. These appliances also can be unstable, with many people finding themselves in embarrassing situations when dentures slip or fall out.

An alternative to conventional dentures alone is to have a few dental implants strategically placed in the jawbone. Integrated into bone tissue, implants form a foundation for the denture. When snapped over implants, dentures remain stable and comfortable. There will be no more slipping or rubbing against the gums, no more embarrassment, and no more dietary limitations due to poor-fitting dentures.

Dr. Frank Rosner and the associates of Laser Dental Associates are committed to helping you enjoy your best smile. Contact us at 586-838-2017 to learn more about dental implant treatment, or to schedule your appointment.

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