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Warren, MI area dentist describes the advantages of treatment with dental implants

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Warren, MI area patients who have experienced the loss or extraction of teeth are often overwhelmed at the many options available for treatment. They may feel unsure as to whether they want a permanent or short-term solution, and they may be seeking a restoration that provides the best value. When appropriate, Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of may suggest the advantages of having dental implants placed and restored when tooth loss occurs.

The idea behind dental implants

Dental implants are titanium restorations. They look just like small screws but are placed by a dentist during oral surgery into the jawbone. By doing this, the patient can permanently replace a missing tooth, while also reducing the risk of bone loss. Dental implants, when placed, will stimulate a process of bone growth called osseointegration. This ensures the implant is held firmly in place within the smile. This is how a dental implant derives stability and strength to allow it to function at its best. This is also why dental implants are a popular choice among our patients.

How are dental implants used?

Dental implants are used in various ways.

  • A dental implant can be placed to replace a single tooth, covering the abutment of the implant with a custom-made dental crown.
  • A dental implant can be used to act as an anchor on one or both sides of a dental bridge, when adjacent teeth are not available for placement.
  • Dental implants can be used to anchor a full denture, eliminating the need for natural suction or denture adhesives, which can fail to work for many of our patients.

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Dental implants are incredibly versatile, which also makes them a popular choice in a variety of situations.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

To determine if a patient can benefit from a dental implant, they must undergo an initial evaluation and consultation visit with our professionals. During this time, Drs. Frank Rosner or Laura Pepa will complete a series of x-rays. These x-rays allow our dental professionals to evaluate the health of the smile, while also looking at the amount of jawbone available for placement of the implants. Implants do require patients to have enough jawbone to ensure that the placement of implants is successful. Without enough bone, patients may experience implant failure and may want to consider alternatives such as bridges or dentures. However, for patients in Warren, MI who are serious about having implants placed, they can ask our professionals about procedures to prepare the smile, such as bone grafting. Bone grafting can build up the bone of the jaw and then get it ready for the placement of dental implants for osseointegration. Candidacy can be determined when patients visit our practice and request dental implants.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

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While there are several ways to replace missing teeth, dental implants have several benefits that patients will consider when making a decision regarding their smile. Dental implants are:

  • An effective way of replacing one or more teeth
  • Versatile, allowing dentists to use them in various ways to enhance the smile
  • Permanent, and will last a lifetime with proper care and regular maintenance with a dental professional
  • A wise investment in the smile, ensuring a lifetime tooth replacement
  • Biocompatible and work well with the body
  • A method of maintaining the bone of the jaw
  • Provide patients with a solution to their tooth loss
  • The strongest tooth replacement option, ensuring patients can enjoy all their favorite foods!

Alternative solutions

If patients are evaluated by our dental team and are not considered appropriate candidates for dental implants or bone grafting, then our staff may suggest alternative tooth replacement options including dental bridges or dentures, both treatments are available in our office.

Learn more about the advantages of placing and restoring dental implants

At, Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa are excited to provide dental implants in-house. Their practice, located at 36150 Dequindre, Ste. 800, is available for new patient appointments. Call 586-838-2017 today to schedule your appointment and discuss the benefits of this and other tooth replacement options available at the practice.

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