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Learn about available dental services for patients near Clinton Township

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Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of are dedicated professionals who are near Clinton Township to discuss with patients the various treatment options available for them when searching for dental services. Our team helps individuals in the community with a wide selection of dental offerings to consider when enhancing the smile or improving oral health.

What dental services are available?

At, patients in and around the area of Clinton Township have access to general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions.

  • General dentistry – when it comes to general dentistry, patients have access to many preventative procedures that can be used to achieve oral health and wellness – and maintain it over the years. General dentistry is an area of dental care that focuses on proactive care of the smile. This means procedures and treatments that will be used to keep the smile healthy and help patients avoid problems and reduce the risk of developing other concerns over time. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa of work with patients to provide cleanings, examinations, x-rays, and periodontal care. Fillings are also a treatment provided to patients who have developed areas of decay within the smile. By providing a filling, patients can keep the decay from getting larger and deeper while restoring the function of the smile.

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  • Cosmetic dentistry – another aspect of dental care is cosmetic dentistry. This field focuses on the appearance of the smile. When patients have imperfections impacting the appearance of their teeth, such as chips or permanent staining, they may be interested in cosmetic dental services. These may include treatments such as porcelain veneers, which cover teeth that are unsightly, or composite resin bonding, which provides repair to teeth that may have been chipped or are spaced apart.
  • Restorative dentistry – restorative dental care is often necessary when patients are struggling with lost teeth or tooth structure. This area includes procedures such as the fabrication of porcelain crowns or bridges for strengthening or replacing teeth. These are made in our practice using CEREC technology, which ensures same-day repair. Dentures and dental implants are ways of replacing one or more teeth as well, and our patients find that these treatments are affordable and reliable.

What to look for in a dentist

When patients are seeking a new dentist, they need to consider the range of services that can be performed under one roof. Instead of having a different dentist for different needs, patients are urged to find a professional who can offer a selection of treatment options without having to refer them to another doctor in Clinton Township. Because Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa offer general, cosmetic, and restorative care in their practice, they do not need to refer patients out for standard and routine services. Instead, patients can build a relationship with a dental team they can get to know and trust as family, and our team treats patients like long-time friends! Patients should also seek dentists with years of experience, a good rapport, and positive reviews. Many of our new patients are referred to our practice by word of mouth, from other patients happy with the treatment they receive in our facility.

Determining the best treatments for your smile

Young woman during her dental examination at the local clinic

There may be patients who visit our practice unsure as to what they need to do to bring their smile back to health. Perhaps they have neglected their smile and are experiencing discomfort or bleeding. Maybe they have been away from the dentist due to dental anxieties and are ready to take charge of their smile. Patients interested in a smile transformation are welcome to book a consultation visit with our team of professionals to develop an effective and affordable dental treatment plan unique to their specific needs, which may include general, cosmetic, and restorative care.

Discuss dental options with a professional today!

Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa near Clinton Township provides patients in the Sterling Heights, MI area with a wide selection of treatment options for their smiles, including general, cosmetic, and restorative care. Contact the office today to book a consultation appointment by calling 586-838-2017 and visiting the practice at 36150 Dequindre, Suite 800.

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