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Denture In Laser Dental Associates

Just the mention of the word “denture” and one picture a pair of pink gums with pearly white globes floating in a glass of water on the nightstand. What, though, are dentures? Who are they for? What is used to secure them? What types of cosmetic dentures are available? What materials are used to create dentures? These are just a few of the questions Dr. Frank Rosner and Dr. Laura Pepa commonly field at in Sterling Heights. The hallmark of their care is listening to concerns and providing information to help patients make informed denture decisions that fit their lifestyles, budgets, and smiles.

Sterling Heights dentists answer questions about dentures

  • What is a denture? It is a dental prosthetic that replaces missing teeth. A denture can replace an entire arch of teeth (called a full denture) or just a portion of the teeth in an arch (a partial denture). Complete dentures are a full upper and lower arch, for the patient who has no natural teeth.
  • Who should consider custom dentures? Dentures can be an option for anyone with missing teeth. However, a denture may not be the best solution. Sometimes patients benefit from dental implant restorations or a dental bridge. However, anyone who is missing teeth should consider having them replaced in some manner, for improved appearance, oral function, and quality of life.
  • How to secure dentures? A partial denture clips to existing teeth. When properly designed, it should provide sufficient stability for eating and speaking. However, as structures of the mouth change over time, the partial denture may feel loose or rub sore spots.

    As an alternative to a partial denture, a missing tooth or multiple teeth can be replaced with dental implants – individual fake teeth. An implant-supported bridge is an option for a span of missing teeth.

    Full fake teeth dentures are held in place by suction and muscles in the face and mouth. An adhesive helps to anchor a denture that may not have the stability the patient desires. This could be a result of a “flat ridge,” a condition seen in long-time denture wearers, or an individual who has just received a denture for the first time. There is often an early training period when the patient is not yet comfortable with dentures, and temporary use of adhesive can help. However, it is usually not a satisfactory answer to an ongoing problem. Four or more dental implants can be strategically placed in the jawbone to moor the denture securely.

  • What types of dentures are available? All dentures from are custom made to fit the needs of the individual patient. Our team can create dentures with a conventional base, which is typically pink acrylic. They can also craft dentures with a clear base where the patient’s own underlying gum tissue shows through. The doctor can design each tooth individually if the patient wants a particular shape, size, and color of teeth. Dr. Rosner and Dr. Pepa can also customize dentures to make them look more authentic, such as placing gold fillings in the back teeth. They have even placed dental tattoos in the front denture teeth for a one-of-a-kind look!
  • What types of materials are used to create cosmetic dentures? Typically, the conventional partial denture has a metal base for superior strength without a lot of thickness. However, some patients have metal allergies or other sensitivities to metals. In that case, our doctors use an acrylic base. The difference is that the acrylic base is bulkier and may lack the necessary strength for the day-to-day force on a denture. If a patient wants a denture that does not take a lot of room in the mouth, the metal base is the way to go. If the patient wants a metal-free denture for a more natural look, acrylic is a good solution though it takes up some of the tongue’s space.

What about denture care and maintenance?

When you trust with your new smile, care does not end when the denture is inserted. We provide insight and helpful tips for adapting to eating, speaking, and smiling with dentures in place. The hygienist shows you how to clean dentures without damaging them, and how to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. We recommend regular annual checkups to monitor denture fit and keep a professional eye on your oral health.

You don’t have to live without teeth. Call in Sterling Heights at 586-838-2017 to talk about your options for dentures that feel great and look natural.

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