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Denture In Laser Dental Associates

Just the mention of the word ‘denture’ and one pictures a pair of pink gums with pearly white globes floating in a glass of water on the night-stand. But, what are dentures? Who are they for? What is used to secure them? What types of cosmetic dentures are available? What types of materials are used to create dentures?

So, what is a denture? It is a dental device that replaces teeth that are missing. They can replace an entire arch of teeth or just a portion of the teeth in an arch.

Who should consider cosmetic dentures? Well, dentures should be considered by anyone missing multiple teeth. However, they may not necessarily be the best restoration. Sometimes teeth maintained by implants can be a better restoration. Anyone who is missing teeth should consider having them replaced.

What is used to secure a denture? A denture adhesive is used to help stabilize and retain a denture that may not necessarily have the stability that a patient needs. This could be anywhere from an individual that has a flat ridge, which is seen in long term denture wearers, to an individual who has just received their denture for the first time. There may be an early training period when the patient is not comfortable with their dentures, and they don’t have the right feeling of the dentures.

What types of dentures are available for patients? All the dentures from Laser Dental Associates are custom made to fit the needs of that individual patient. They can make the dentures with a conventional base, which is typically pink acrylic. They can make dentures with a clear base where the underlying pink tissue shines through. They can use custom teeth if the individual wants a particular shape, size and color of teeth. They can also customize dentures to make them look more “lifelike” such as placing gold fillings in the back teeth. They have even placed dental tattoos in the front denture teeth to have a very custom look!

Finally, what types of materials are used to create cosmetic dentures? Typically, the conventional partial denture has a metal base to it, allowing for a lot of strength, but not a lot of bulk or thickness of the material. However, some patients have metal allergies or other sensitivities to metals, so then our doctors use acrylic bases. The difference is that the acrylic bases are fairly bulky and don’t often have enough strength for the day-to-day force put on the dentures. If a patient wants a denture that does not take a lot of room in the mouth, the metal base is the way to go. If the patient wants one that looks natural, but unfortunately takes a lot more space away from your tongue, the acrylic is the way to go.

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