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Dental Implant Service

Implants are usually associated with plastic surgery, plastic surgeons and breast augmentation. However, implants are also used by dentists.

So, what are dental implants? They are devices placed within the bone to replace missing teeth, to replace at a tooth that will retain a bridge and they are also used to help stabilize dentures that are built over the implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants? They allow the dentist to create a stable replacement for missing teeth without involving the use or preparation of adjacent natural teeth. Also, when used to stabilize a denture, implants give the denture a retentiveness ability that cannot be achieved through other means.

Once dental implants are installed, they typically last between fifteen and twenty years, sometimes more. If they are taken care of properly, they can last a lifetime.

The implants are made of various metals; such as titanium. They may also be made of various ceramic products; such as zirconium. The outside surface of the implant can be coated with a different type of material to aid in the bonding of the bone to the implant.

Most people who have missing teeth are ideal candidates for dental implants. There are a few rare medical problems that might eliminate a person from being a candidate for implants, but each case, of course, has to be evaluated on an individual basis.


Therefore, dental implants, while not as dramatic as breast implants, are beneficial to those who need them.

Patients who are considering dental implants and want to see if they are appropriate candidates are welcome to contact Laser Dental Associates at 586-838-2017 to schedule an evaluation. X-rays can be performed, as well as, a physical examination to see if dental implants are an appropriate solution for many of our new and existing patients in the Sterling Heights, Michigan community.


Dr. Frank Rosner, Laser Dental Associates 5 Star Rated By Pam M

It was my first time with Laser Dental as my former dentist retired last month. I was very impressed with the degree of professionalism, welcoming gestures with the most pleasant staff with infectious smiles from these beautiful staff. Thank you to Lisa Dental Hygienist, Dr. Pepa and Dianne, Receptionist. You all make our world a much better place to live,much appreciated. God bless all of you. – (Customer since 2017)

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