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Sterling Heights dentists perform root canal therapy to save teeth

Root Canal In Laser Dental Associates

We have all heard of root canals. The mere mention of the phrase and worse, having to get one, can make a person break out in a sweat. But what exactly is root canal therapy? In the hands of experienced dentists like Dr. Frank Rosner and Dr. Laura Pepa at in Sterling Heights, it is a dependable means to save a natural tooth that would otherwise require extraction.

Understanding root canal treatment services

Root canal therapy is the removal of tissues from within the pulp chamber and the root of the tooth. This treatment is done inside the root; not in the bone around the tooth.

The tissue within the confines of the tooth is called dental pulp. It contains blood vessels and nerves which extend through tiny canals to the tip of the root. If the tooth is injured in a minor way, the pulp can usually heal itself.

However, when the tissues are pushed beyond that point, the dental pulp can break down. This is usually the result of:

  • A large area of untreated decay that reaches the center of the tooth.
  • Hidden decay, between teeth or beneath an old dental restoration that is not properly sealed.
  • Bruxism – excessive clenching and grinding which damages tooth structure and irritates nerves.
  • Trauma, such a fracture or large chip.
  • An old injury; perhaps a blow to the face that happened a while ago.
  • Repeated dental work on a tooth, involving drilling.

Similar to other human tissues, nerves and blood vessels in pulp become infected. These compromised tissues produce gases which, in turn, create pressure within the pulp chamber. This pressure, along with other symptoms such as soft tissue inflammation, is the source of the pain you experience with an infected tooth.

Some people develop unusual sensitivity to temperature, that persists even after a mouthful of ice cream or hot coffee is swallowed. You may have a nagging toothache that comes and goes, or tenderness when you bite down. In other cases, the gum tissue around the tooth looks swollen or discolored and oozes pus. When the tooth abscesses, it causes sudden, acute pain and facial swelling.

In order to relieve painful symptoms, root canal therapy is necessary.

Root canal therapy is gentle in Sterling Heights

During a root canal procedure, the diseased dental pulp is removed so gas and pressure are no longer able to accumulate inside the tooth. Root canals are done so that infection is eliminated, and in this way, the tooth remains a functional part of your dentition.

Root canal services get a bad rap, but in the care of a well-trained and experienced dentist, the procedure relieves pain fast. The best news about root canals is that treatment can be virtually pain-free. Our doctors utilize leading-edge anesthetics and sedation dentistry techniques for comfortable patient experience.

Numbing brings fast relief. Then the doctor opens the tooth, alleviating pressure. Tooth structure damaged by decay or trauma is removed. Then, utilizing special endodontic instruments, the dentist removes nerves and all traces of pulp. The chamber and canals are sanitized, then sealed. The tooth is protected with a temporary composite resin restoration. You may receive prescriptions for antibiotics or pain medication, but most patients return to normal activities and diet the next day.

You will come back to the dental office in about two weeks to have a porcelain crown placed. Without blood flow, tooth structure above the gum line can become brittle and subject to breakage. The crown protects the tooth from further damage, looking natural and allowing you to eat the foods you love.

Meanwhile, the strong roots of your tooth remain intact in the jawbone. Each time you bite down, this signals the body to maintain the density of the jawbone. That helps to avoid bone resorption and the sunken facial appearance that can occur with teeth are extracted.

With sensible oral hygiene, a tooth that has had root canal therapy can last as long as any other tooth in the mouth. You won’t need a dental implant, bridge, or partial denture for a complete smile.

Do you reside in or around the community of Sterling Heights? Do you believe root canal therapy services may be needed for you or someone you care about? Don’t waste time searching the internet for “root canal near me,” or “root canal dentist.” Contact right away by calling 586-838-2017. Dr. Rosner or Dr. Pepa will do their best to see you promptly. We are accepting new patients and families at our state-of-the-art facility.


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