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Root Canal

Root Canal In Laser Dental Associates

We have all heard of root canals. The mere mention of the phrase and worse, having to get one done, usually makes one break out in a sweat, but what exactly is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is the removal of the nerve tissue and tissues from within the root of the tooth. All of the treatment is done inside the root; not in the bone outside the tooth. The tissue within the confines of the tooth is called the dental pulp which contains a lot of blood vessels. If the pulp is injured, especially in a minor way like when a tooth is traumatized, it can heal itself. However, when the tissues are pushed beyond the point of being able to heal themselves, the dental pulp can break down and, similar to other human tissue, become infected. The tissues breaking down create gas which, in turn, creates pressure within the root of the tooth. This is where most of the pain comes from. In order to relieve the pressure, a root canal is necessary.

During a root canal procedure, the injured dental pulp is removed so the gas and pressure are no longer able to accumulate inside the tooth. Root canals are done so that infection is eliminated and in this way the tooth remains a functional part of your dentition.

And the best news about root canals is that the procedures done now are pain free! This is because of proper anesthetics and sedation dentistry that can greatly improve the process.

If you reside in or around the community of Sterling Heights, Michigan and believe a root canal is necessary for you, contact Laser Dental Associates today by calling 586-838-2017 and booking your first appointment and evaluation. We accept new and existing patients and families into our state-of-the-art facility.


Dr. Frank Rosner, Laser Dental Associates 5 Star Rated By Pam M

The best dental office I have ever had! The entire staff is fabulous, friendly and all my questions were explained to me so that I fully understood everything. I always stay even later to talk to the wonderful people who work here if it’s not too busy. The office is very high tech which makes me feel that the most current procedures are being performed. I have been coming here for many years and will continue to do so.

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