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Sterling Heights, MI dentist explains the benefits of root canal therapy to save teeth from extraction

Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa in Sterling Heights, MI are proud to provide patients with the solutions they need to look and feel their best.

At, Sterling Heights, MI area patients can enjoy treatment of all types with our dedicated team of professionals. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa are here to assist with general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. They understand the importance of providing conservative treatments such as root canal therapy. Sterling Heights, MI area dentists explain the benefits of root canal therapy.

Benefits of root canal therapy

The primary benefit of root canal therapy is that the procedure is performed to save a natural tooth from requiring extraction. Root canal therapy is performed when a tooth is experiencing a problem such as:

  • A large cavity
  • Dental pulp infection
  • Inflammation
  • Diseased dental pulp
  • An abscess

Our professionals can evaluate a patient who has a severe toothache and determine if root canal therapy is needed. The procedure is done right in the dental office under the care of our professional staff and is used to save a tooth from requiring removal. This is the only other option outside of root canal therapy available for patients who have teeth impacted by these concerns.

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Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Any patient in a situation where a tooth has been damaged or infected may be considered an appropriate candidate for root canal therapy. Many times, our dental staff can save a tooth by providing this and other restorative treatments.

How is root canal therapy performed?

Patients often think of root canals as a painful procedure, when really, it is the pain patients are experiencing that brings them in for assistance. The procedure is done with local anesthetics and proper sedation, if needed, to ensure the patient is pain-free and comfortable throughout their treatment. Once patients are comfortable in the dental chair, our team will use specialized instruments to make a hole in the natural tooth. This allows the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth, Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa then remove the dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues within the tooth. This includes the blood supply and the nerves. Once removed, the empty canals are treated to ensure they are properly disinfected prior to filling the tooth with gutta percha and composite resin to seal it. In some instances, patients may have a dental crown placed over the tooth to protect it from damage, as root canal therapy can result in teeth becoming brittle.

What to expect after root canal therapy

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After the procedure, patients will leave the office and may still be numb due to the local anesthetics. Some aftercare precautions and instructions may include:

  • Reducing stress on the tooth that has been treated, especially if the crown has not yet been placed
  • Eating foods that are soft to ensure the filling stays in place
  • Brushing and flossing carefully around the treatment area
  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers to address discomfort and to reduce inflammation after treatment
  • Returning to the dental practice for a follow up appointment to check the health and results of the procedure

Patients are encouraged to ask their dentist questions about how to properly care for the smile after the procedure, and ways in which they can improve their oral health to avoid the development of further problems. Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa will educate patients on how to maintain a healthy smile to reduce the chances of needing this procedure done in the future. Proper home oral hygiene can also improve oral health and reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease, conditions that can greatly impact one’s oral health.

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Drs. Frank Rosner and Laura Pepa in Sterling Heights, MI are proud to provide patients with the solutions they need to look and feel their best. When problems arise in which specialized treatments are required, our team can help. Contact our practice today by calling 586-838-2017 and visiting the office in Suite 800 at 36150 Dequindre. We accept new patients into our facility for comprehensive dental care.


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